We want to ensure that everyone knows how powerful they are. KOTCH KREATIVES is the ultimate experience. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a movement. When you KOTCH, you then feel inspired and motivated to KREATE so that you can live your wildest dream. We encourage kreators to kreate their destiny through self discipline, consistency and hard work.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between dreaming and kreating destinies. We want to encourage everyone to be their best self for themselves and the world.

We are a community that welcomes everyone, but we are not for everyone. At KOTCH KREATIVES we truly believe that there are no limits on how great we are destined to be. The colour black represents our strength, determination and our resilience. We are unstoppable. We work hard to achieve our goals and dreams. The yellow and white symbolizes light and abundance. We are all bright lights and we will attract great things on our journey. Let us shine bright in our fullest expression.

We will be more than just an online store. We will be the place you go to when you need to KOTCH. If you ever feel as though you need to relax, come see us. We will have everything you need. If you need music, we’ll play the right playlist. If your body needs some tender love and care, we’ll have dance classes and yoga classes available to you. If you need motivation and inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Our personal development workshops will set you up for success. All your worries will be solved. KOTCH will give you the ultimate experience not just online, but offline too. Join our journey and let’s all KOTCH. 

My name is Anisha Hines and I am the founder of KOTCH KREATIVES

I’ve always been a kreative person. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to move through life. I live with an open mind and I always remember that I was made to kreate. I was made to do extraordinary things and there are no limits on how great I am destined to be.

Before I came to this realization, in 2017, I had hit my rock bottom. I had forgotten how powerful I was. I had forgotten my strength. I looked around and I noticed that my friends and family were experiencing similar feelings. I looked at the world and I saw pain, sadness and a lost of hope, light and love.

KOTCH is my wildest dream and after experiencing historical events, in 2020 I decided that it was time to kreate this brand. It was time for us all to rise up. It is time for us to remember how powerful we are. Let us rise in love. Love conquers all so let us heal the world by being our best self. Know that change isn’t coming. Change is here. We are ready and we are here. May this world be full of Love, Joy and Peace.