It's Time For a Change

"Stop hitting the snooze button on your life. It’s time for a change."  

Every morning when you wake up, know that it’s your biggest victory. Have gratitude because you’ve been given another chance to show up for yourself and impact the world. 

If you’ve been constantly hitting the snooze button on your life, telling yourself, “Later, later, later.” - It’s time to make a change. Tomorrow is not guaranteed and all we have is now. If you want to make a change, know that there are six stages to change, however for the sake of this blog I'll mention the first four:

Stage 1 - Pre-contemplation

This is the first step and when we are in this stage, we are unaware that we need to even make a change in our lives. Our loved ones may be able to recognize our bad habits or destructive behaviour, but we ourselves remain in denial. We come up with justifications or excuses to reassure ourselves that what is going on is okay, when in fact we are hurting ourselves and sometimes the ones we love. In the pre - contemplation stage, we have not come to terms to the fact that we need to take responsibility of our lives. We are oblivious to the need for change.

Stage 2 - Contemplation

The second stage is a pivotal moment in the cycle of change, because the contemplation stage is when we can admit that a change may need to occur. Being able to admit who we are and who we want to become, is a great step to take. Although we may still contemplate and be hesitant towards changing our habits and behaviours, we have recognized that there is an imbalance in our lives. We have accepted that there may be a problem, and we are more open to developing healthier habits to help ourselves so we can flow through life with more grace.

Stage 3 - Preparation 

In this stage there is no more contemplation, the decision has been made. We are ready to take small steps in the right direction so that we can transition towards a healthier life. This is a crucial stage because change isn't always easy, therefore it is encouraged to prepare mentally, physically and/or spiritually so that we can commit to the new way of being and living.

Stage 4 - Action

This is an exciting stage to be in.  Healthier choices are being made to drive us forward to our success. We continuously take action and might even begin to see results. We are motivated to keep showing up because we see that the change is for our own good. During this time our intention is to keep moving forward for we know it will be beneficial for our health.

That being said, wherever you are in the change cycle, keep striving because you cannot have growth without change. If you've been hitting the snooze button, it's time to get up and start showing up!

“Progress is impossible without change."


**This blog is for informational purposes only.**




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